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uFlow Micro-Volume Perfusion System

Product Name: uFlow Micro-Volume Perfusion System
Product Type: uflow-4/8
Exhibitors: ALA
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The μFlow™ is a micro-volume perfusion system that addresses the growing need to preserve precious compounds during electrophysiology and imaging experiments.

uFlow Micro-Volume Perfusion System  Detailed description

Key features of the μFlow include:

  • Extremely low dead volume from reservoir to tip (<6.4μL)
  • Prevention of backflow and cross contamination via micro check valves
  • Manual control through VC3 controller or computer control through software
  • Pneumatic control valves for reduction of dead volume
  • 4- or 8- channel option

Each μFlow™ system includes the following:

  • Pressure control interface
  • Solution manifold (micromanipulator not included)
  • 500uL cryo vial reservoirs and 2mL reservoir
  • VC3 electronic valve controller with a USB cable and Valve Commander software
  • DB9-BNC4 cable for TTL input or output
  • DB9-CABLE controller to valve manifold cable
  • Special Quartz MicroManifoldTM perfusion outlet manifold
  • Spill sensor and tubing



    Quartz MicroManifold® tip dead volume < 0.4μl
    Quartz MicroManifold® tube dead volume < 6.4μl
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