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OpenSource Diets for Diet-Induced Disease Models

Product Name: OpenSource Diets for Diet-Induced Disease Models
Product Type: OpenSource Diets
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Research Diets, Inc. has over 20 years of collaborative research experience in the study of dietary effects on phenotype expression or NutriPhenomics®.

OpenSource Diets for Diet-Induced Disease Models  Detailed description

Our expert staff of nutritional scientists has formulated OpenSource Diets with our customers for many therapeutic areas, such as:

􀂄 Obesity
􀂄 Diabetes
􀂄 Cancer
􀂄 Osteoporosis   
􀂄 Toxicology
􀂄 Metabolic Syndrome
􀂄 Hypertension

Research Diets, Inc has pioneered the formulation and production of diets leading to the Metabolic Syndrome in laboratory animals. Animal models of separate and combined risk factors for Metabolic Syndrome are critical to advancing our understanding and treatment of this serious medical condition.

Please contact our Resource Center for consultation with our research nutrition experts. We can help you design the right diet for your lab animal studies.
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