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Product Name: PLI-100 PICO-INJECTOR
Product Type: PLI-100
Exhibitors: Warner
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The PLI-100 PICO-INJECTOR allows small liquid volumes to be delivered precisely through micropipettes by applying a regulated pressure for a digitally set period of time

PLI-100 PICO-INJECTOR  Detailed description

This digital injection pressure is enhanced by three auxiliary pressures:

FILL:  Suction can be applied to the delivery pipette to fill it from the tip.

HOLD: A second internal vacuum pump is available to hold a suspended cell (for injection)with a second holding pipette.

BALANCE: A (lower) balance pressure applied to the delivery pipette between injections prevents clogging caused by pipette movement as well as dilution of the injected material by capillary action.

CLEAR: Momentary application of high pressure can be used to clear clogged pipettes.
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