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MP - 2 8 5 robotic micromanipulators

Product Name: MP - 2 8 5 robotic micromanipulators
Product Type: MP - 2 8 5
Exhibitors: Sutter
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The MP-285 was designed to meet a wide variety of positioning needs for the scientific community, and is suitable for patch clamp experiments, extracellular recording, microinjection, intra-cellular r

MP - 2 8 5 robotic micromanipulators  Detailed description

Highly stable for experiments intolerant of pipette drift

Sub-micron resolution and integrated coarse positioning

1 inch of motorized travel on all three axes

4th axis with user-selected angle for axial drive

Adjustable speed and resolution allows optimization for your experimental setup

Programmable robotics for complex motion sequences

Continuous display (in microns) of axes positions

Switch between continuous or single step movement

Absolute and relative origins

Convenient Home function allows pipettes to be quickly repositioned

Assignable axes permit any orientation of the manipulator

Easy to read vacuum fluorescent display

Remote computer control via serial interface

Compact design easily adaptable to your setup

Universal mounting system for headstage or pipette holder
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